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About SharkTech Academy

Accessible plumbing education resources.

The SharkTech Mission

The SharkTech Academy is committed to creating a blended learning environment that offers online, classroom and field instructions for the plumbing and water management industry. The curriculum by design delivers courses and higher education learning opportunities that address industry professionals' day-to-day needs. By maintaining best practices and a rigorous review process, course content is regularly assessed and evaluated to ensure accurate and clear delivery. The SharkTech Academy is dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for individuals of all skill levels who seek continuing education.

Part of Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) is a global provider of water control systems and plumbing solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 1949, the RWC family of brands has continually evolved to exceed global industry standards with diversified manufacturing and distribution operations across three continents. RWC has dedicated more than 60 years to its business, brands and products, and maintains a commitment to innovation by investing in high-value automation to remain competitive in the global environment.

Our many product lines are truly the total package of water control solutions, and succeed on a world platform with an integrated operations strategy and regional centers of excellence across our company portfolio. Our manufacturing and distribution capabilities are the drivers of market-leading product lines around the globe, including SharkBite®, Cash Acme®, Reliance Water Controls®, RMC® and Auspex®.

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