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New Construction
Plumbing System

SharkBite EvoPEX System

The new SharkBite® EvoPEX™ system is the next evolutionary step in providing an advanced potable water system for safe and efficient water delivery throughout the home. It is engineered to improve efficiency and enable plumbing contractors to optimize install time with clean, leak-free installations. Plumb an entire home without needing special tools. No soldering, unions, clamps or glue is required, which means cleaner installations, less potential leak points and less time lost on the job. Just connect and move on with the new evolutionary SharkBite EvoPEX system. When installed as a comprehensive plumbing system using other trusted SharkBite brass fittings, PEX Pipe and water control valves, the SharkBite system is the only total rough-in plumbing solution from meter to fixture. One manufacturer with a complete set of solutions, designed for getting the job done.

Browse through our EvoPEX Plumbing System courses below.

New Construction Plumbing System

Course Description: This course provides an in depth look at the SharkBite EvoPEX System for use in new...

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