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PEX Barb Connection System

PEX / Barb Connection System

The SharkBite® PEX & Barb Connection System is an easy to install, low cost solution to connect PEX Tubing. SharkBite PEX Barb fittings are compatible for potable water distribution and hydronic heating applications. These PEX fittings may be used with the stainless steel clamping system or the copper crimp ring system. The SharkBite PEX Barb fitting range offers a wide variety of Fittings, Manifolds, Valves, clamp rings, crimp rings and tools in various sizes to help complete your next plumbing project.

Browse through our PEX Barb Connection System courses below.

Introduction to SharkBite PEX Barb

Course Description: This short course will introduce the learner to the benefits of the PEX and Barb...

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