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Plumbing System

Cut. Push. Done.

SharkBite Push-To-Connect Plumbing System

The SharkBite® connection system makes any plumbing project fast and easy. Our proven system includes hundreds of products from dozens of different fittings, a wide range of push-to-connect valves, and even PEX tubing. SharkBite is your tested, proven and certified connection for plumbing project success.

Browse through our Push-To-Connect Plumbing System courses below.

Water Heater Products

This course will address six different categories related to Water Heaters and the products offered from our Cash Acme and SharkBite brand(s).

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New Product Training

In this SharkTech Training Module, we will introduce the learner to all of the new products that will be launched in 2016 for both the SharkBite and Cash Acme brands. Once the learner has completed the Module, they may proceed to the Assessment that follows.

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SharkBite PEX Pipe

This course provides a company overview of Reliance Worldwide Corporation and SharkBite. The learner will also receive an introduction to SharkBite PEX Pipe’s manufacturing process, its features and benefits and approved pipe joining methods.

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SharkBite Plumbing Solutions

This course provides an overview of the SharkBite Push-To-Connect (PTC) fittings range including the breadth of available Core products, fitting components and product applications.

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SharkBite Valves

This course provides an overview of SharkBite Valves and explores their innovation by combining SharkBite push-to-connect technology with Cash Acme’s trusted valves.

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